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VISR.CO Mission

We’re on a mission to connect families around issues that matter. We help parents help children navigate technology safely. We're Safer Together.

Never again should a child get thrown into the digital sea without first learning how to swim.

VISR is a simple, effective and kid-friendly tool notifying parents when relevant safety issues such as bullying, risky geotagging, and unusual times of use are detected across social networks.



“Parents don’t know what the issues are or when they are happening. It’s easy to say, have a conversation with your kids, but they don’t know what to have a conversation about or the appropriate time to have the conversation. This will give them the opportunity.” - Robert Reichmann, Watch the interview at Global News

Watch the Dec, 2015 interview at Global News Morning Show



We keep families safer and happier, here's how.

Real-time notifications

VISR sends you notifications only when there is a potential issue.

Personalized for you

VISR customizes alerts so you only get notified of things you care about.

Tracking +22 safety alerts

VISR keeps you informed on the latest issues concerning your child.

VISR Child Protection App Features

Supporting 6 social accounts

VISR supports Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Gmail.


Only notifying you about flagged activity means your children feel more at ease.

Time saving

No need to search through all your child's social media activity, we highlight what's important.

What we look for

With over 22 alert categories, VISR detects the widest range of potential online issues, encompassing 48 distinct alert types.


Our sophisticated language processors detect various forms of bullying.


Learn when your child shares inappropriate images: nudity detector.


Learn when your child shares inappropriate images


Our language processors flag & alert you to common drug terminology.


Discuss late night usage by being well informed.


+17 more alert categories


VISR has generated over 22,000 safety alerts


avg. 20 alerts generated by VISR per child per month


5 million+ posts analyzed by VISR’s algorithm


the 6 social network visr supports




Who Are we? Meet our team.

We’re parents and technologists who dream of a safer world for our children.







Who can see my alerts?

Only you. All alerts are strictly generated by our algorithms. At no point is there any human intervention involved in generating your alerts.

What issues do you identify?

We scan for 22+ alert types (and counting!) including: bullying, late night usage, drugs, violence, inappropriate images, explicit language, more coming soon

How does VISR detect issues?

We have a team of data scientist dedicated exclusively to identifying threats and issues kids face, and figuring out the best ways to detect them. This includes analyzing text, images and various other factors to help create the most relevant alerts.

Can I tell VISR what I’m concerned about?

When you receive an alert, you can say whether you’d like to see more or less of those types of alerts in the future.

If this technology is so great, why is it free?

VISR is free for now, but we will soon begin charging $5/ month for it. This will roll out once we’ve launched some of the fantastic functionality and features we’ve got planned.

What happens if VISR misses something?

Nobody is perfect and neither are we. It’s possible that our algorithms could miss something, and we’re upfront about that. We’re doing our best, but nothing can ever replace parenting itself. We always recommend staying astute and informed. Think of us as your partner. Not your replacement. :)

What social networks are currently supported?

We currently support: Instagram, Tumblr, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We’re working on adding more soon!

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Children's Real Time Social Media Monitoring Solution.


“I have come to know the VISR team as well as their app. Young children everywhere are becoming more independent with their use of technology. VISR is an app that can be used within families to provide yet another layer of safety in an already complex cyber world. They are also committed to building a practical solution which allows parents to build relationships and learn about issues which are becoming more common in our children today.” Carol Todd, Founder, Amanda Todd Legacy Society

Missing Children

“We are excited that VISR is utilizing innovative technology for the purpose of protecting a child. The power of today’s technology is that it can connect people instantly and get the right information into the hands of people who can make a difference. We hope that this program can help prevent serious incidents for children.” - Amanda Pick, Chief Executive Officer, Missing Children Society of Canada

“The VISR platform creates a bridge between a child’s online usage, and open family communication. VISR helps parents teach children responsible online behavior.” Janell Burley Hofmann, Author of iRules, Speaker, Educator & Consultant, www.janellburleyhofmann.com

“I barely have time to read and edit all my own social media. How can any parent do it well for kids too? VISR has saved this busy single mom!” - Dr. Wendy Walsh, America's Relationship Expert

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