Features Overview

Children can sometimes do or say things that create irreparable harm. But often that harm is preceded by warning signs, or can be reduced through quick intervention. Visr helps you achieve this by identifying instances and trends of violent, inappropriate or mental health related content across your network.


Simple Implementation

Code is designed for quick and flexible implementation based around you. Upon initiation, you will receive intructions how to install, and ping our system. Based on your specific needs, you can then customize thresholds and who should be notified.   


Safe Environment

Visr is available in a number of different forms, based on your security protocols. Whether you run in an AWS or local environment, our system can be deployed to your specifications. 


Powerful Technology

Trained off millions of real world examples, Visr offers best in class technology for your enterprise.

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child safety System Snapshot

child harassment Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 7.40.46 PM.png