VISR's context processing engine has a single mission.

To help you understand the tone and patterns of conversational text without having to pore over the data manually. Backed by an interdisciplinary team of PhD-level researchers and software developers, VISR is constantly analyzing the patterns behind human written language and incorporating those patterns into our text-processing engine.

context uses the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you understand the tone of what is being said so you can decide on the appropriate response. It rates text to indicate trends within categories such as emotional tone, aggression, sexuality, and intent to commit self-harm. It provides indicators into the author's state of mind at the time of communication, enabling you to respond appropriately, as you deem fitting for the situation.

For example, staff in high pressure or high risk roles can expose your organization to liability and increased environmental, health, and safety (EHS) costs. If something goes wrong, it's important that you've demonstrated duty of care. Mitigating these risks can even apply in settings such as an online community applications where individuals interact with each other. With context you don't need to snoop into personal communications in order to evaluate text and identify potential risks such as bullying or sexual harassment. VISR’s context engine enables you to identify those enduring risk in these areas without having to read individual communications.


How it works


Simply put, someone either uploads text to VISR's context engine via the supplied user interface or data is fed into the engine automatically through the supplied API. context will rate the text for the categories you wish to measure. What you do with the data is up to you.

VISR’s context engine is available in a cloud hosted environment or can be installed within your own private domain. All communications are private and remain your own. We do not share data or have access to information that is your own.


There are endless uses for our context engine. We highly recommend you spend some time with us to brainstorm practical uses of context, in the context of your business. 

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